Snaka Dread Bio

Tawanda Norman  Makombe A.K.A Snaka Dread is conscious reggae singer and deejay. Born in  Mbare , the ghetto suburbs of Harare , Zimbabwe s capital. His music career is just taking off atfer featuring on the Konzeresa album from various Zimbabwean artists in diaspora and back home. He recorded the song called Reggae tauya nayo which won him a considerable amount of support from not just Zimbabweans in the UK, US, Australia amoungst others. This is the very song that had Snaka Dread get notice even back home in Zimbabwe were he is already enjoying much wider support if not better than anywere.  
As he went on to record a single on Alfire records , Musikana wandinoda on Snakebite riddim,  it was not just a new love anthem but also a statement. His musical adyssey has jus began. Strengthend by the phylosophy of Rastafari and the music of the ghetto, Snaka Dread hold on to his roots and culture.
Armed with a powerfull voice to express his words in captivating melodies, the (Warrior ) as he is affectionately called, began his music trek in his early childhood through to the days in less than ideal curcumstances.  Music  has always been a big love, "all my life is  jus music mie love" an such would the man himself say, entered the music secular world as yought singing in the streets , in school , local dancehalls and so forth. One point with a friend Mad Fisher A.k.A Simeon Justice started visiting studios , going for music talent shows , mc contests and all thing like that, it really never gave way for the spotlight, but the road has really and still not easy for and artist who has yet to accomplish so much and that its just promising.  Whenever Snaka Dread sings you will notice that it is of experience

and the energy behind is of high quality. Along with Mad Fisher they formed a sound called Warlord , in 2005 but that wasnt for long then comes The Rennaisance Sound by a brother named Jerry Irie, with Snaka Dread mc-ing until He moved to the UK were he is now based. From imitating his then idol Jamaican dancehall artist SNAGGA PUSS, that is were the name SNAKA came from and everything fall in its place. Through the love of reggae music and dancehall influence Snaka Dread into living Rastafarian way of life, something that leaves me with a question as to how really one can manage to get though and live with such doctrines in the kind of society as ours. But as yet still a young man, it shows that it is something deep within himself that he so devout his life and his energy to what he do not say he believes but actually knows. Amoungst the Zimbabean community  around the UK Snaka is always identified not as Zimabwean through his Bobo shanti Rastafarian image and the wearing of the turbine is not something common to a Zimbabean to refer to as, and this also makes him a target for so much crititisms. Self assured artist like Snaka Dread is maybe learning to defend his position when it comes to critisism on such issues as to why singing in Jamaican patwa rather own mother tongue (SHONA) lingwa.

Up to now The Black Warrior is the first album from an artist who is so much dedicated to distance himself in the music landscape. The works and his great determination to continue to develop his art is unquestionable. Hooked up with other aspiring artist from Zimbabwe living in the UK and the diaspora, Zimdancehall has since become a home and also part of the movement as is a family. Working together with defferent artists and producers created a very easy artmosphere in terms of challenges and inspiration to drive oneself and livened up things. As soon as the support started growing then the foundation had already been built, from Raggae tauya nayo recorded for A.B.R.A records to Musikana wandinoda recorded for alfire records, the versitility displayed on the BLACK WARRIOR album is a result of the music skill so well horned. His unmeasurable passion for the music ensures that he will keep on creating widely enjoyable and relavent works of the highest quality. Snaka (warrior) Dread will certainly persist in realizing his destiny of great sccess in the musical arena and prove he is a potent and unstoppable force. Love is out deh , a reggae song with lyrics guided by Nyia binghi drums, the Heart string riddim,  it is surely the one to gain Snaka Dread international recognition if not anything. There is so much more and the future is promising for an artist who is perhaps an uncompromising Pan Africanist, a perfect example to learn that patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait.